Xanadu – March 2014

Adelaide slide on those leg warmers and dust off those roller skates because Davine Interventions by arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd. Exclusive agent for Music Theatre International (NY) is proud to present the Adelaide Premiere Production of the Broadway Musical Comedy XANADU.

Xanadu is a musical comedy with a book by Douglas Carter Beane and music and lyrics by Jeff Lynne and John Farrar, based on the 1980 cult classic film of the same name.

The story of the musical focuses on a Greek muse, Clio (Olivia Newton-John look-a-like), who descends from Mt. Olympus to Venice Beach, California, in 1980 on a quest to inspire a struggling artist, Sonny (Our cut off jeans and midriff T-shirt hero), to achieve the greatest creation of his life – a roller disco.

1904115_645014442227151_1807801192_nClio, the youngest of nine sisters, is the favourite of Zuess and he promises her Xanadu a gift so wonderful that ‘no one really knows what it is!’

But when Clio, disguised as an Australian roller girl named Kira, falls into forbidden love with the mortal Sonny, her jealous sisters take advantage of the situation, and Clio risks eternal banishment to the underworld.